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      About us

      Taizhou Canova Bio-technology Co.,ltd. located in Taizhou city, zhejiang province. We are specializes in R&D, manufacturing and marketing biochemicals, peptides, Specialty Chemicals, API, Agrochemicals, Flavors, Fragrances and Electronics. 
      With strong experience and network in Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical, Electronics Industry across the globe, Taizhou Canova is your ideal partner for development of multi-scale synthesis projects as well as manufacturing activities, by ensuring reliable sourcing of raw materials, at competitive pricing and suitable packaging.  Our customer oriented approach coupled with good and consistent quality from our suppliers would help us build long term relationships with our esteemed customers.
      With our international network of sourcing specialists, we can locate manufacturers within a short period of time and find the most suitable outsourcing partner for your synthesis challenge. Our products are available in flexible pack sizes, customized to suit your precise specifications. The quantity is available from grams scale to bulk quantities.
      With Taizhou Canova as partner, our customers can minimize the time and cost required to evaluate or run the development projects or manufacturing activities, substantially.



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